Volunteer FAQs

Read some of our volunteer frequently asked questions below

Will there be training?

We will be training volunteers to ensure that they are comfortable using the resources with young adults in a school environment. This training will include details on how to approach schools to offer our workshops.

What school/college can I volunteer in?

While we have a database of around 400 schools nationally to help you get started, we encourage volunteers to choose a school / college of their choice to contact about a session.  This might be through an already existing school contact through a friend or family member. We will provide support materials to help make initial contact with a school.

What resources will be provided?

We provide Education Champions with all resources prior to the delivery of workshop.

Will I manage a classroom of students?

As the majority of our volunteers are not qualified teachers, you will not be left with students without the support of a member of the school staff. The school will remain responsible for all matters around student behaviour and discipline. As an Education Champion you will be invited into school as a specialist guest.

Will I need a DBS check?

Our understanding is that you will not need to have a DBS check as you will not be left unattended with the students at any time. Volunteers who are accompanied by staff do not need any DBS certificates and volunteers have never been asked for them before.

Who do I contact?

Contact George Tsounias at [email protected] or on 020 7417 4774

What will my commitment be?

As with any volunteer programme, the time you wish to dedicate to this programme is entirely up to you depending on other commitments. Understandably, some volunteers might wish to visit more than 5 local schools per year and others might be able to commit to just the 1.

Who is this aimed at?

All workshops are targeted at students aged between 15-18 (year 10-13)