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You don't need to hold a specific degree or particular set of A levels to work in financial planning. What is important is who you are and the soft skills you have.

What is financial planning?

We all need to understand how money works.  Some people find it easy and enjoyable.  For these people, a career in financial planning is hugely rewarding, both in helping people plan and achieve their life goals over many decades, and in giving you a great career and earning potential.  It offers incredibly variety and the flexibility to work for a large organisation or be your own boss.

If you like working with people, have an enquiring mind and enjoy problem solving then this could be the profession for you.

Financial planners (sometimes called financial advisers or wealth managers) help people organise their money and assets to achieve long-term goals.  By making the most of clients’ money, they plan can a range of achievable goals such as buying a home and ensuring a comfortable standard of living in retirement, even if that seems a very long way away.

Financial planners use their knowledge of financial products and market to help clients set their goals and priorities.  They hold regular meeting to ensure that any changes in circumstances are reflected in an amended financial plan.

Why financial planning?

  • You can help make real and positive changes to people’s life
  • You work with a wide range of people, from young professionals to chief executives and pensioners
  • You can be your own boss or work for a large organisation
  • You decide how much money you earn

There are a variety of roles in financial planning, each requiring a slightly different skill set.



Financial planning

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