In the dynamic and competitive world of risk, the business of marketing is a great deal more than just promotion.

Marketing managers and executives need to look ahead to anticipate and identify the kind of new products required in a changing commercial environment, constantly coming up with new ideas to broaden their business appeal. Then they need to develop those products - based on rigorous analysis of the underlying risks - price them, test them in the marketplace and manage the processes of promotion, selling and distribution.

All insurance companies want to lead their respective markets. Roles in this area - which can include market analysis, strategic planning, branding, advertising and public relations - are incredibly varied and interesting, so they are in great demand.

  • Marketing Co-ordinator/Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Director

Qualifications required for marketing careers

Marketing has become one of the most popular career choices for graduates, and although any degree subject is accepted, you may stand a better chance if your course has included marketing, communications, business/management, or information systems. A qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing may also open doors for you.

Skills and qualities required a career in marketing

You'll need to show initiative, analytical skills and creativity, as well as competence in IT and. Well-developed communication skills, the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines and the confidence to be able to 'sell your ideas' are also very important.