Claims teams are responsible for investigating incidents and paying out claims. They decide how valid the claim is and whether it's genuine or not, keeping an eye out for fraud.

  • Trainee Claims Handler
  • Claims Handler
  • Team Leader
  • Claims Manager
  • Claims Director

Qualifications required to work within claims

This area of work is open to all graduates, with preference given to degrees in subjects like business, management, economics, law and mathematics. Some larger insurance companies include claims work as part of general graduate management training schemes.

Some organisations take on those holding A levels or equivalent qualifications for trainee positions, with recruits moving directly into claims work after initial training. For these trainees, progression into the role of claims manager normally takes place after extensive general claims experience (more than five years).

Skills and qualities required for a career in claims

Interpersonal skills are key in this area of work. During training you're likely to become involved in investigating scenes of accidents and taking statements from other professionals, such as the police and medical and technical staff. Negotiating and empathy are equally important.