Apprenticeship / Account Handler, Miller Insurance

Meet Nick to find out a little more about his apprenticeship journey
Nick Mounsey

Let's find out a little bit more

  • Where do you work?

    I work in the Accident and Health division of Miller / Special Contingency Risks (SCR), part of the 2019 apprenticeship scheme. I have been working in insurance and at Miller for around 5 months now, after applying for the apprentice scheme in early 2019 and starting in early September.

  • How did you find the application process?

    The process was very competitive, as Miller offered a very desirable, attractive scheme which many wanted to be a part of. I went through the initial application phase, a telephone interview, online assessments, an assessment centre and then two final interviews with a member of HR and other members of Miller, who play a key role in each of their various divisions. It was a tough experience in many aspects, as I had never been through a vigorous recruiting process, and of course wanted to make the best impression I could. I additionally completed my final interview two weeks after having major ankle surgery from a football accident around April 2019, and Miller were more than accommodating to support me during this.

  • Why did you choose the apprenticeship route?

    An apprenticeship appealed to me due to the fact I already had an idea of what I wanted to do for a career. Additionally, I felt that having 4 years of industry experience to my peers who would be studying at university would be something invaluable and give me the upper hand in my career progression, whilst obtaining professional qualifications. Furthermore, an apprenticeship brings the perks of getting paid as opposed to being in around £50,000 of debt, so it meant that I could not only enjoy what I earn but also save and invest for the future.

  • What attracted you to insurance?

    I decided to pursue a job in insurance due to prior work experience I had undertaken in the industry. It was something that was very insightful for me when I was younger, and definitely something I could see myself doing as a career. I also have a relative who works in the insurance industry, so was therefore able to quiz him about specific topics that I found of interest.

  • What is your working day like?

    Working in the SCR Accident and Health team so far has been a really exciting experience for me. I feel very fortunate to have been placed into a sector of insurance that not only has diverse clients and challenges, but has provided me with a brilliant team that I get on with, and who are interested in seeing me progress as an individual as well as a member of the team. I currently work on Group Personal Accident (PA) and Business Travel placements for both Company and Lloyd’s market, as well as A&H Aviation PA and Loss of Licence (LOL) placements. From day one I was given responsibility and was encouraged to get involved in as many things as possible. This has helped me gain an understanding in how the transaction process works, as well as the difference between the Company market and Lloyd’s market regulation and operational approaches. This has been really beneficial because it has challenged me to learn in a practical way.

    My team understand the position I’m in as a new joiner but are more than happy to assist and guide me wherever and whenever when I need support. This has really put me in ease and helped me to work with increased confidence.

  • What has been a recent achievement?

    Recently, I have completed my LM1, and am now studying towards my LM2. One key benefit of being on the scheme is that I am allocated 20% of weekly time to study for my professional qualifications, and this definitely plays a vital role in giving me the opportunity to obtain these.

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