Apprenticeship / Broking Assistant

Find out about Liam's apprenticeship and why he would recommend it to others.
Liam Herrington, Cert CII, NC Insurance

Get to know him better...

  • When did you take your Apprenticeship?

    October 2015 – January 2018

  • What were you doing before starting the Apprenticeship?

    Sixth Form

  • What did you enjoy most about the Apprenticeship?

    The work place environment is something that I believe to be crucial to the programme. No matter how many times you are shown how to do something, nothing will teach you better than being in the situation itself. The various scenarios I have been in during the programme, have built both my character and confidence in the work place, and I think this is something that cannot be taught or learnt in a classroom.

  • What would you change about the Apprenticeship?

    I feel as if the apprenticeship is something that could be completed in a shorter time span. I appreciate that the formal examination side can only be done at certain times, but with regards to the NVQ/work documenting side, I think this is a process that could be more efficient.

  • What part of your Apprenticeship learning has since been the most valuable?

    Prior to taking on the role, I had no customer service and office environment experience. During the apprenticeship, my confidence in both of these areas has greatly improved, to the point where I am now trusted to train new member of staff. I would say this is the most valuable as it is a skill that can only be experienced and not taught, and is a transferable skill which can be used in all industries.

  • Did you progress to any further professional qualifications after finishing your Apprenticeship? If so, what were they?

    I am progressing on to the Diploma qualification

  • What is your role now?

    Broking Assistant although I am hoping to move into an Account Handler role now I’ve obtained my Cert CII.

  • Would you recommend the Apprenticeship? Please give reasons

    I would recommend the apprenticeship, as it combines on the job training with earning a wage and also gaining a professional qualification. It also provides potential candidates with transferable skills such as customer service/interaction.


    Although I previously stated that the Apprenticeship could be completed in a shorter time span. I feel that the balance between the qualification and the on the job training is good.

    It’s also beneficial to confidence in your role, when you have to relay real situations you’ve been in, in order to pass certain modules as it leaves you safe in the knowledge that you have handled that situation in the right way, and allows you to be more confident in what you are saying going forward.

    The confidence that the apprenticeship has given me, has result in me being trusted to handle my own book of business, and also being given the responsibility of helping with larger clients.

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